360° Survey
360 Degree Surveys are widely used for leadership development and succession planning. The purpose is to gain insight as to how a person is perceived by others. Gaining insight on how others see you can be an eye-opening and sometimes take people by surprise. However, the knowledge provided by 360 Degree Surveys is truly invaluable.

High levels of self-awareness, is known to contribute to a person’s effectiveness and sound leadership, which correlates with bridging the gap between talent and results. CAPITAL iDEA customizes 360 Degree Surveys to gain insight on a person’s leadership style and job effectiveness. Stakeholders ranging from employees, management, peers, and often clients and vendors are included. The survey can be tailored so that specific questions are given to different stakeholders. For example, when surveying clients, you may want to get feedback on the person’s interaction and overall effectiveness, while excluding questions about management and leadership style.

We strongly advise giving 360 Degree Surveys as ways to support terminating employees. This fosters an atmosphere of mistrust and will sabotage any efforts to improve employee performance.

At first people may feel uncomfortable with being the focus of a 360 Degree Survey. However, when you people see that you are investing in them to help them grow with the company, they soon realize they are considered assets to your company. CAPITAL iDEA provides recommendations and development plans with all 360 Degree Surveys and frequently executive coaching is used to work on the development.