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Onboarding Talent

Onboarding Talent Research has found that new hires make the decision to stay with a company after the first three days of employment. That means that if your company does...... Read More

How Leaders Sabotage Performance

Leaders are interested in getting results.  Whether they work with large teams spread out throughout the globe, or lead a small team in a local business, Leaders understand that they...... Read More

Why Employee Engagement Is Not The Silver Bullet to Breakthrough Resutls

Studies show that companies with high employee engagement outperform companies that score poorly. As a result, companies invest in employee engagement surveys, training & retreats, and other initiatives in order...... Read More

Employee Engagement And Leadership

Employee engagement is something every organization wants.  However, the statistics show that employee engagement is lacking on a large scale in most companies.    Having employees that are engaged is not...... Read More

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional Intelligence is a term that most leaders are familiar with.  However, very few leaders are aware of the impact Emotional Intelligence can play in the productivity of an organization.  ...... Read More

Welcome to the CAPITAL iDEA Blog

Welcome to the CAPITAL iDEA blog.  We will be providing you with information and insight into how to make your organization as productive as  possible.  We will be bringing you...... Read More