Joe Harber

Dated: 2014-09-29
I’ve worked with Capital Ideas for over 15 years (large and small companies) and they have always delivered insightful and impactful services. Having assisted me on hiring, org planning, employee satisfaction and general strategy, they are a valued partner and will do whatever it takes to meet my needs. Honest feedback and focused deliverables get to the point and yield results.
Cathleen A. Otto

Dated: 2014-07-17
The presentation was interactive, fun, and met all the key points we had discussed. A great motivational day.
John C. Roettger

Dated: 2014-06-25
Shari Roth is the trusted and competent source for business counseling for my business. Shari’s fresh perspective and appropriate suggestions for handling the many challenges I face in my business is an invaluable resource that I rely on regularly. Both in good times and during the more lenient years, I have depended and banked on the good advice that I have recieved. A trusted friend, I look forward to many years ahead of good business together.
David J. Pollay

Dated: 2014-06-14
If you’re a business owner particularly of a small to mid-sized company Shari Roth has an amazing process for helping companies create sustainable growth. Shari has been great. She has helped me better see the opportunities I have to grow my business
Debbie Lewis

Dated: 2014-06-12
I have known and worked with Shari Roth since November 2012. Shari was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who heard Shari speak at an event. I contacted Shari for her coaching expertise – I was seeking help in securing a new position and thought she could help me. Shari coached me on various aspects of my search: improving my interviewing skills, modifying my resume for greater impact, dealing with the emotional roller-coaster often associated with job hunting, creating an “accountability” work sheet to record my progress, and more. In large part due to Shari, along with a great resume, I received dozens of interview requests, resulting in three job offers. I highly recommend Shari for her coaching expertise. She is very personable, easy to work with and an expert in her field as a professional coach.