Individual Assessments – Powerful tools to understand individuals at multiple levels.

CAPITAL iDEA Assessments leverage the power of multiple sciences. We understand that people are complex. That is why we recommend using a variety of assessment tools to learn about people.

Why Use Assessments

There are many reasons to use assessments. In hiring, assessments provide unbiased information to help you understand how the person will perform the job.

Assessments are valuable tools to provide the basis for development. It has been proven that self-awareness is one of the most important things for effective leadership. Using assessments that reveal a person’s behaviors, motivators, and how a person thinks creates the access for self-awareness and is the gateway for development.

CAPITAL iDEA believes people are paid for their strengths. The assessments help understand a person’s strengths and identify any areas that are holding someone back. Utilizing the multi-science tools gives insight to build the development that is needed to bridge the gap between talent and results.

Assessments are also an effective tool with improving team dynamics. Most team barriers can be worked through once people through awareness of themselves and understanding of others. Barriers that seem impenetrable disappear through the work conducting utilizing our assessment tools.

Our Multi-Science Assessment Tools

CAPITAL iDEA consultants are well versed and certified in each of the assessments administered. Just like a skilled craftsman knows which tool to use to build, we know which assessments to use for each situation. The sciences we assess are:

  • Behaviors
  • Business Acumen
  • Competencies & Soft Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Capacities
  • Task Preferences
  • Workplace Motivators


Our assessments are validated, bias-free and fully integrated to meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements.