Employee engagement is something every organization wants.  However, the statistics show that employee engagement is lacking on a large scale in most companies.    Having employees that are engaged is not something that will just come about on its own.    The leadership has to create a culture of employee engagement.  Here are a few areas to look at to create a culture of employee engagement.

The first area is in hiring new employees.  When you hire an employee the first goal is to ensure the person will be a good fit.  This means they not only have the skills the position requires, but they also have the attitudes, behaviors, and values that are in harmony with the organizations.

Once you have a new person hired, you want to make sure your onboarding process is helping the new person adjust and become productive right away.  The onboarding process is much more than just an orientation.  It is a system.  The onboarding process can take from 3 to 6 months to complete depending on the position.

Then of course there is communication.   Good communication is a critical piece of employee engagement.  You want to communicate the strategy, and how the organization is doing compared to the goals that are set.

These are just a few brief ideas you as a leader can do to create employee engagement.   Contact us to set up a free strategy session to learn more.