Job Benchmarking

“Right Fit” starts with knowing what the job requires. The Job Benchmarking process, while simple in design, is a powerful combination of stakeholder interaction and technology.  Our benchmarking process zeroes in on the Job to allow the job to “speak for itself”. It begins with bringing the Stakeholders together to agree on why the job exists and what good performance looks like for the job. Clarity on what the Job calls for is achieved. The Stakeholders agree on the priorities along with the job’s performance expectations.

Taking things a step further….

Typically jobs are defined by the knowledge and skills needed for the job. People are hired based on their expertise. Job descriptions may include some soft skills but these are typically generic.

The Job Benchmarking process goes further. The Stakeholders utilize a patented process to define the required Behaviors, Motivators, Competencies, and Business Acumen required to succeed in the Job at their specific organization. The results are having a Job Benchmark that actually incorporates the company culture.

Why do a Job Benchmark?

A Job Benchmark provides tremendous returns to the company.

  1. Stakeholders Aligned: Performance is maximized when the Stakeholders agree on performance expectations and job priorities
  2. RightFit: When the Job is clearly defined and the soft skills are measured you are assured of selecting the right person for the Job.
  3. Onboarding Simplified: Start people off right by having the Job clearly defined
  4. Performance Management: The Job Benchmark provides the basis for performance management. Performance improves because the person in the job knows what is expected of them. When performance is down, the Job Benchmark facilitates discussion on where performance needs improvement.
  5. Succession Planning: The Job Benchmark lets employees know what is needed to be successful in the Job. Managers can use the Job Benchmark to coach and mentor their staff in their development for their next position. The Job Benchmark helps to take the guess work out of promotions.


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