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Here’s A Method That’s Helping Leaders Develop Their Leadership Skills And Achieve More In Their Careers!

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You can attain the success you desire in your career .   Imagine stepping into the position of leadership you have sought after for a long time and doing so with the confidence that you are capable of producing outstanding results.

Getting to the next level requires more from you.  You may have wanted to further develop your leadership skills, but time constraints and lean budgets kept you from finding a leadership development coaching program that met your needs.

You may have even thought about Leadership Development Coaching, but something stopped you from taking action.  Perhaps now is the time to act.

The CAPITAL iDEA Leadership Development Coaching Program

CAPITAL iDEA’s Leadership Development Coaching Program is designed to help break through the barriers that seem to get in the way of a person’s success.

Our coaching program provides professionals a unique opportunity to learn new skills, examine self imposed limitations, and develop a new sense of clarity about what they want in their professional and personal lives.

Also, our program can qualify for Continued Education Credits (CEUs) required by many professions (Attorney, CPA, Nursing, Property Management, etc).

You may be  asking yourself how does the leadership development coaching process work?

All discussions are kept strictly confidential.  In addition, your coach is totally non-judgmental, allowing you to discuss ideas, problems and challenges without being concerned about how things may sound or appear.  This open, non restrictive dialogue proves to be invaluable.


As your coach, we are:

  • Supporter – Counselor, Advisor, Supporter, Listener
  • Creator – Problem Solver, Ideas Generator, Opportunity Organizer
  • Political Confidant – Challenger, Influence, Debater, Decision Facilitator
  • Skills Developer – Innovator, Thought Expander, Trainer Mentor

As experienced coaches we function as your confidants, expert listeners, careful observers and challenging questioners in a way that helps you strengthen and develop your leadership abilities while gaining deeper insight, clarity, and confidence.

Outcomes you can expect from CAPITAL  iDEA’s Leadership Development Coaching Program

  • Become a more effective Leader
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Clarity on goals and objectives
  • Improved professional relationships
  • More effective communicator
  • Ability to work calmly through difficult situations
  • Excited and Re-Energized about your future

Through our Leadership Coaching Program you will be able to demonstrate your leadership abilities on a daily basis.  You will be able to show you are ready for the next level.

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