How We Work

Providing Solutions to Bridge the Gap Between Talent and Results

When speaking to leaders and business owners overwhelming the biggest issue they face involves their talent. Whether they are trying to hire the right talent, develop their existing talent, or concerned about losing their top talent, leaders know that talent gaps directly impact results.

CAPITAL iDEA works with companies to bridge the gap between talent and results. Our solutions help companies achieve breakthrough results while creating environments where employees are engaged and fulfilled in the work they do. CAPITAL iDEA’s Solutions focuses on strengthening the talent in the organization – because having the right people working on the right things is the single most important factor for stability and successful business growth.

Talent Strategy Solutions

  • Right Fit Solutions: Proven System to Hire and Promote the Right People
  • Talent Development: Leadership and Team Development Designed Specifically for Your Company’s Needs
  • Executive Coaching: One–On–One Coaching to develop your
  • Diagnostics: Multi-Science Assessment Tools to provide insight into Organizations, People, and Teams

In working with our clients CAPITAL iDEA has found that the many issues arise as a business grows. These issues can bring chaos, creating instability and over time adversely affect the company’s performance.

Common Issues that Companies We Have Worked with Faced:

  • Out Stripped Capacities of their people: People are promoted to leadership positions that are not equipped to lead. They have worked with the company, and are promoted perhaps because they have “paid their dues”  or they know how to do the job really well.  However, they are not  equipped to lead others.
  • Departments and Teams are not working well together:  People are working in a vacuum or sometimes worse, they are territorial and competitive.  Problems arise, including conflict and finger pointing.
  • People are working long hours: Employees are very committed to getting things. However, they tend to confuse activity with results. People lose sight or may not even be clear of company goals and priorities and just work on whatever crosses their desk.
  • Rework, missed deadlines, higher expenses: Communication channels that worked when the company was smaller are no longer effective. Chaos occurs. Rework is needed and customer satisfaction is impacted.
  • Employee satisfaction decreasing and turnover increasing: Employees are no longer feeling connected to the company. New hires are not a good fit and either leave, or have a negative impact on the company. Mediocre employees hang on, while high performers move on.

CAPITAL iDEA’s Solutions works with you to resolve these issues.  Our Clients experience”

  • Significant Reductions in Turnover
  • Improved Collaboration and Communication
  • Managers who readily coach and Mentor their employees
  • Turnaround from under-performance to breakthrough performance