Onboarding Talent

Research has found that new hires make the decision to stay with a company after the first three days of employment. That means that if your company does not start off on the right foot, then, it is an uphill battle to get them engaged.

CAPITAL iDEA supports your company’s onboarding process with a one-on-one coaching. The coaching session delves into their assessment results and helps the new hire to understand their strengths and developmental areas that will help them be successful in their new job.

Each new hire receives access to the “Performance Accelerator Educational Series” which is customized with the specific developmental areas needed for the Job. The new hire can utilize the Performance Accelerator to strengthen the gaps that were identified from their coaching session.

The Onboarding process includes a triad meeting with the hiring manager. This session provides the hiring manager critical information on how to best manage their new hire.