Organizational Effectiveness – Growth Curve X-Ray

As companies grow and change, so do the complexities they face. That complexity level doesn’t increase because of revenues or profits or equity growth. The complexity level increases because of the one factor in a company that you can’t control: People!

Most businesses start off with a few key employees. Typically the CEO is the entrepreneur that wears many hats. As the business expands, staff is added based on the specific skills needed. The Growth Curve X-Ray works with the executive team to take a deep dive into the organization. James Fischer’s work identified the 27 Challenges that companies face that impact performance.

Companies that are going through growth and change can get side tracked by the challenges they are confronted with on a day to day basis. For long term success, it’s important to work on the specific challenges that build a strong foundation. Your company’s current size and expected growth plans, determine the challenges that must be addressed. Otherwise, your foundation is weak. Cracks in performance and over time the company will suffer.

 The Growth Curve X-Ray Process

Each person on the Executive Team responds to a set of structured questions covering items relating to: People, Processes, and Profit. The results are consolidated and discussed in a facilitated session. Specific actions are determined and executive alignment is achieved. Companies that have completed the Growth Curve X-Ray have found they are more effective. They are clear on the actions needed to move the company forward. Things take less time to execute and with a lot less stress.