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Leaders must be able to adjust in order to meet changing strategies and higher expectations.  In order to do that, leaders must themselves grow and have the mindset to expand and change. 

CAPITAL iDEA’s High Performance Leadership Coaching Process can provide a vital resource to organizations who want to ensure that they have the leadership in place to execute on the business strategy today and in the future. 

CAPITAL iDEA’s High Performance Leadership Coaching Process is recognized as a valuable privilege and a powerful tool for performers who wish to shine brighter–akin to the world-class athlete who seeks coaching in order to excel.

The Coach is a sounding board on any matter.  The person being coached has 100% assurance that they can freely confide in their Coach.  The advantages of using a Coach include: 

  • Impartiality
  • Objectivity
  • Wide knowledge and experience
  • Different viewpoint
  • Experience of weighing opportunities, risks and rewards

Our Coaching Process is customized to meet different leadership needs including:

  • High Potentials
  • Leaders stepping into new positions
  • Leaders that have potential, but are under-performing

What is High Performance Leadership Coaching?

CAPITAL iDEA’s High Performance Leadership Coaching model focuses on increasing self-awareness, shifting mindsets and frameworks for action, and fostering sustainable behavioral changes.

Our approach combines learning and coaching with the real-time challenges that the leader faces in their position on a daily basis. Much of our coaching trains leaders to become reflective verses reactionary.  They learn to step outside the pressures of their day to day activities and to take a fresh look at the experiences and evaluate basic assumptions that have been with them for a lifetime.

This increased personal awareness and self-management results in enhanced leadership, effectiveness and team collaboration. The shift in mindset and personal accountability are the building blocks of high performance leadership and the achievement of powerful business results.

CAPITAL iDEA’s High Performance Leadership Coaching challenges underlying beliefs and values to create openings for change.  Our Coaching Process consists of four phases:

 Phase I.  Self Discovery

CAPITAL iDEA utilizes multi-functional diagnostic tools to facilitate the understanding of the person being coached.  Diagnostics can include multi-functional assessments, 360 Surveys, and one-on-one interviews.  The initial coaching session begins with a Self Discovery Process where the person being coached and the coach discuss the results of the diagnostics.  This initial phase creates the foundation for coaching and provides the opportunity for the person being coached to see their strengths and limitations in new ways.  This new awareness and understanding has a profound impact which forms the foundation for continued growth.

Phase II.  Skill Development

In the Skill Development phase, High Performance Leadership Coaching moves into the leadership training and development component.  In other words, the Skill Development Phase is the learning phase.  The Leadership Curriculum focuses on the strengths and limitations uncovered in the Self Discovery Phase and the competencies required to be successful in the job. 

Each individual has different needs and different competencies for their position.  Sample competencies that are included in this phase can include:

  • Situational Leadership
  • Communication For Leaders
  • Delegation
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting for Self and Others
  • Holding others Accountable

Some individuals will need to focus for a period of time on one or two competencies because that is the area that is limiting their performance.  Others require a wider range of skill development.  It simply depends on the individual. 

In all cases, CAPITAL iDEA’s High Performance Leadership Coaching helps the person being coached make practical application of what they are learning.  Coaching sessions include assignments where new skills can be practiced at work and improved over time.  Noticeable performance improvements will begin to emerge during this phase.

Phase III.  Application and Execution

The Application and Execution Phase provides support to reinforce the learning that took place in the Skill Development Phase.  The person being coached is now working on current challenges they are facing. 

This phase is critical to create lasting change.  It not only provides the person being coached the opportunity to work on developing their leadership skills; they also get real time feedback from the Coach.  The performance improvements continue to increase and are becoming a habit during this phase.

Phase IV.  Mastery

The Mastery Phase is for the leader that recognizes the benefits of on-going coaching. The Coach takes on roles of:  Supporter, Co-creator, Confidant and Scrutinizer.  During this phase, The Coach is a sounding board on any matter facing the person being coached. 

The Mastery Phase is designed to have the person being coached master the leadership skills and talents they have learned and developed.  Mastery happens when the person being coached is actually used by the leadership skills versus using leadership skills.

The coaching relationship takes on a whole new dynamic in that the person being coached is now in a transformative stage where they are transforming themselves into the best leader they can possibly be.

Benefits of the High Performance Leadership Coaching

Our coaches offer direction and assistance but the choice rests with the individual.  It is the individual who discovers the self-knowledge which forms the foundation for continued growth. 

Some of the benefits our Clients have said they received from their Coaching are:

  • They have gained clarity in setting priorities.
  • Greater buy-in on their ideas. 
  • Confidence in decisions because matters are thought through thoroughly. 
  • Developed skills that led to promotions.
  • Reduced stress because they have the opportunity to be totally open and discuss things they feel they cannot discuss with others.
  • More balance in doing things that give them satisfaction.

High Performance Leadership Coaching Process

CAPITAL iDEA’s High Performance Leadership Coaching is conducted in various ways including:  Face to Face, Over the Phone, Video Conference, or a combination of all three.  All methods are equally effective. 

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The executive coaching services that I FBurgessreceived from CAPITAL iDEA allowed me to accomplish many of my business goals as well as attain my personal goals. Shari worked with me to plot a game plan for my business success and help to steer me past the roadblocks. If you can open your mind to new ideas and accept change, you will have taken the first step.” F. Burgess, Attorney & Entrepreneur
The Executive Coaching that I received while working with Andre Boykin was invaluable. In a short period of time, Andre was able to help me sort through the business events and opportunities in my life, and contemplate each of these situations and make them into opportunities.As a result of Andre’s Coaching I was enabled to grow my profession, increase my Real Estate Skills, (I just received the CCIM Designation) and close some significant Real Estate Transactions.Thank you, Andre; you made a major difference in my life!” S. Chess, CCIM
“My executive coaching experience with CAPITAL iDEA was both professionally JMagaldiand personally life altering. My coach took the steps to understand me, my career goals, and my desire to balance work-life issues.I learned to be comfortable with my own strengths, and I gained a heightened sense of awareness on managing my weaknesses. One of the greatest benefits of executive coaching is having someone connected to you who is unbiased…no agenda…just supportive of me.”J. Magaldi, Director of Operations
“My bi-weekly professional coaching BWorrallsessions with Shari at CAPITAL iDEA have proved to be an invaluable tool for my personal development, the development of my career as well as the resulting production for my company. These one hour sessions are insightful, thought provoking, and actionable. I am happy to recommend this tool to anyone seeking to improve professional performance and to achieve personal goals.” B. Worrall, Corporate Vice President of Client Relations & Development

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