RightFit Solutions

Take the Unknowns out of Hiring with CAPITAL iDEA’s RightFit Solutions.

Hire Right + Culture Fit + Right Leaders ——–> Extraordinary Performance

RightFit is about having the Right People in the Right Jobs doing the Right things.

CAPITAL iDEA makes it Simple.

CAPITAL iDEA’s RightFit Solutions takes the guess work out of hiring to prevent MisFits from sabotaging your company’s success.  Clear and objective hiring decisions are made when utilizing RightFit Solutions Process:

  • Job Benchmarking Process
  • Multi-Science Assessments
  • Job Specific Behavioral Interviewing Questions

Stop MisFits from Sabotaging Results 

Traditional hiring process can result in having the wrong fit for the job.  It doesn’t mean that there is something bad about the person.  It just means the person is not a Fit for the specific job.  When this happens, performance suffers.  Companies spend a lot of energies dealing with issues that are caused by MisFits.

Are YOU Experiencing MisFit Syndrome? 

  • High Turnover
  • Lack Luster Performance
  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Supervisor and Subordinate Conflicts
  • Employees that are MisFits for their Job

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