Sales Team Training – Using Assessments To Determine Training Needs

One of the best ways to maximize the performance of your sales people is to use assessments to determine your sales team training needs.  By using assessments to formulate sales team training you will find that the training you do prepare for your teams will be more effective and productive.

Assessments should provide you as the sales manager with a high level of insight into your team.  By including the right questions in an assessment, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses on your team.  You will also discover what motivates your sales representatives so that you can get the maximum amount of production out of them.  With this information, you should be able to more accurately determine your sales team training and development needs.  Plan on using a battery of assessments to get a well rounded view of you team.

The first assessment should identify motivators.  You want to know why a sales rep would want to sell.  You might think it is because they want to gain a bigger commission but not all reps are money motivated.  Some are motivated by recognition and you discover that the performance gap of the team is simply because you don’t provide enough recognition.  Other could be motivated by helping people.  Your understanding of what motivates the people on your team allows you to work with them in a more productive way.

The second assessment should identify behaviors.  You want to know how your sales people sell.  In particular, you want to identify if there are any differences to the way your top sales people sell and the way your lowest performers sell.  Understanding behaviors can help you train your sales people when they need to adapt their behavior to win a sale.

The third assessment should identify personal capabilities.  You want to know will your sales people sell.  Some sales people simply aren’t cut out for selling because they aren’t willing to develop the personal capabilities that are necessary to be successful in selling.  For example, selling calls for resilience which is the ability to bounce back from failure.  If your team members don’t have that capability they will need to develop it.

By taking the time to use assessments for your sales people, you will be able to identify the key elements to improving the performance of your team.  Instead of wasting your time and the time of your team with initiatives that fail to improve performance, you will be able to deal with the “heart of the matter” and make the necessary sales team training to improve performance.  You will also discover whether your performance issues are training issues other issues that need to be dealt with.  Either way, you will be armed with the information you need to make wise decisions.

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