Leadership Development
CAPITAL iDEA’s training and development is designed to bridge the gap between your employees’ current performance and the results you want to achieve.  If your company has gone through growth and change you probably find that there are people in leadership positions that are not very good at leading others.  Some of your existing leadership probably were strong performers, have an area of expertise, and excellent in doing specific functions.  However, when they are moved into leadership positions, they really don’t know how to lead others.  They are great at doing tasks, but their leadership abilities are weak.

CAPITAL iDEA defines Leadership as being able to:
1.    Establish a clear vision and strategy
2.    Gaining buy-in from others
3.    Coach and Mentor others
4.    Gets results through others

Bridging The Gap
CAPITAL iDEA customizes our talent development programs specifically to the needs of your organization.  The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap of your existing talents’ capabilities and what is needed to perform their job.  We incorporate our Diagnostic Solutions to insure focused and targeted curriculum.

A common question about Leadership Development program is: “How do I know I will get a return on the investment?”   The real underlying concern is “Will the training transfer to improved performance?”

CAPITAL iDEA‘s Leadership Development programs are designed to go further than teaching skills and imparting knowledge.  Our High Performance Leadership Development (HPLD) process combines teaching new skills and works to change habits that detract from being an effective leader. HPLD transforms your talent into leaders that are capable of leading others to achieve your desired results.

Imagine The Possibilities
When your organization has real leaders, good things happen.  People are engaged and fulfilled in the work they do and achieve outstanding results.  Find out how we can help bridge the gap with your leaders through CAPITAL iDEA’s Leadership Development Programs.