Talent Recruitment

Why use CAPITAL iDEA for talent recruitment? Our system weeds out the candidates that don’t fit the Job Benchmark. This allows you to select from a pool of RightFit candidates. You don’t spend a lot of time because we manage the entire search process and only present RightFit candidates. Our recruitment process incorporates the skills and knowledge needed along with the Job Benchmark, Company Culture, and Hiring Manager’s style. This insures RightFit candidates every time.

Selection of Talent

Uncertainty is eliminated when using our process for Selection. Whether you are hiring someone from within the company or externally, all potential hires go through a three pronged process.

  1. Skills & Knowledge: Candidates need to provide background demonstrating that they have the experience needed to perform the job.
  2. Assessments: Our assessments are easy for the candidate to do. They are easily accessed online and give your company a strong professional image. The information is then compared to the Job Benchmark to identify all the gaps between the candidate and the Job.
  3. Behavioral Interview: CAPITAL iDEA conducts rigorous and thorough interviews to uncover all aspects of the candidate’s ability to do the job and fit in with your company’s culture. We also equip the hiring manager with behavioral interview questions. This works to give the hiring manager the true way the candidate performs versus their opinion or philosophy.

CAPITAL iDEA’s Talent Selection Process Transforms Your Selection Process