Team Effectiveness Solutions

 “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”   Henry Ford

Team dynamics! They are critical to your company’s success.  Team’s performance suffers even when one member becomes disengaged. Time and time again, we’ve seen how team dynamics can be influenced by small things that ultimately can destroy the entire team’s effectiveness.

What About Your Team?

Are your teams working as a real team? Do they share information, lend help when needed, and trust each other?   Or do you have solo contributors, some pulling their weight, others coasting and complaining, conflict and mistrust?

 Is Team Collaboration Really Important?

There are a lot of team building companies out there.  So how do you chose which one is right for you? What differentiates CAPITAL iDEA from other team building companies is our approach.  We begin each team project with a discussion of the goals and objectives of the team building.

Team building is more than just getting the team together for a half-day or whole-day session to “bond”.  While these types of days are fun and can be an effective part of the team building process, team building has to have targets and objectives in order to be lasting and effective.

 What are some reasons to do team building with your team?

  • Conflict among team members
  • Departments working in silos versus working cohesively
  • Trust & Respect between team members has broken down
  • There are breakdowns in communication such as information being withheld that needs to be shared?
  • Time is wasted on blaming others versus seeking solutions?
  • Customer service is not at the level you expect or desire
  • Turnover is high
  • Lack of commitment to common goals

 CAPITAL iDEA’s Team Building Solutions can address the challenges that are holding your teams back.

Once we understand what you want to accomplish, we start with an assessment of the team.  We have a variety of tools such as our Perceptions Underlying Leadership and Strategy Effectiveness Assessment (P.U.L.S.E.), 360° Surveys, and other employee assessments.  What type of assessment we will use depends on the objective.

 Next step is to build a customized team building approach for you.  This could include solutions ranging from one day events to one year programs.

CAPITAL iDEA provides a variety of team building options.  We can use the assessments mentioned above as the basis for team building or customize a program around a theme of your choice.

One of our most popular team building sessions involves using behavioral assessments.  We give a behavioral assessment for everyone participating in the session and then debrief the assessment results in the session.  We have many exercises that reinforce an understanding of behaviors.  Employees leave the session with new outlooks on how to interact not only with fellow employees, but with vendors and customers as well.

Our goal is to have you realize a return on your investment through the increasing team effectiveness.

Team building companies come in all varieties.  If you are evaluating team building companies, contact us a call for a complimentary strategy session.

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