Emotional Intelligence is a term that most leaders are familiar with.  However, very few leaders are aware of the impact Emotional Intelligence can play in the productivity of an organization.   It is a proven fact that Emotional Intelligence plays a significant role in creating an environment where people are productive.  The reason is simple.  People are emotional creatures.

We as human beings respond to things at the emotional level.  So when there is a stimulus our emotions are the first thing impacted.  Then we respond based on our emotions.   Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage not only your emotions, but the emotions of others as well.  Leaders must have highly developed Emotional Intelligence in order to get results through other people.  Emotional Intelligence and leadership go hand in hand.

Therefore, the leader needs to create and environment in the organization where people can have positive emotional responses based on positive stimuli.  In a recent online poll, over 50% of the participants said they head experienced bullying in the workplace.  More alarming is that n 77% of those cases the bully was the boss.  With an average recovery time of 4 hours per negative emotional experience, you can see that productivity is taking a hit in these situations.

Start now and develop a high degree of Emotional Intelligence in yourself and with your team.  The benefits for doing so are tremendous.  You will find more engaged employees, higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, and ultimately higher profits.